Super Flyer - Antique White (w/ Antique White Hoops)

Super Flyer


  • Kick: 18”/20”/22”/24” x 8
  • Racktom: 12”/13” x 6.5
  • Floortom: 16”/18” x 8
  • Snaredrum: 14” × 5 / 14” × 5.5 
All Super Flyer kits come stock with:
  • C&C single-ended Deco lug
  • Handmade Woodhoops on the toms
  • Vintage “Fold Out” spurs
  • Butterfly bass drum claws
  • Deluxe Classic strainer
  • The toms nest inside each other and all drums fit inside the kick drum (just by removing one head and a few wing screws)
  • All drums feature our in-house made Single-Ended “Art Deco” lugs and our in-house made wood hoops
  • All Super Flyer shells are hand painted in solid satin colors with a special two-tone colored snare that matches the kick hoops
  • Of course, like on all of our other drum lines, it features our very own and exceptional in-house made Gladstone Shells

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